KABELTEC Group Of Companies

Kabeltec was founded in Germany since 1989 and our Kabeltec Asia Pacific office is a privately owned business for 30 years since 1996. Through an evolution of steady innovation, integration and adoption, Kabeltec group have built a firm and strategic foundation of offices and agents in over 20 countries around the world. Our various international divisions hold large stocks of the most frequently used cables and can easily arrange delivery of your requirement.

Our team of people come from different background. Though many are specialists in their own field. However, they are trained in multi-discipline and it means that they are able to approach a problem, not from the narrow perspective, but also from different angles so as to achieve an optimum solution for our customer. Kabeltec combine the unique expertise of our team and together, we provide integrated solution to all our customer’s cabling needs

Kabeltec has the ability to offer the most comprehensive range of cables in the industries yet with the most cost effective prices. Through our global connection to cable manufacturers, Kabeltec is well position to offer our services to different customers in various countries by offering the correct products complying to the local standard. In today fast changing market, Kabeltec is committed to continuity of finding new solution. Here, in Kabeltec, we make a conscious attempt to keep ourselves abreast of market requirement and new products development in-order to ensure the benefit will pass on to our customers. Performing as a full service supplier, Kabeltec are involved in encompasses every aspect of selection of the right cable with the right pricing.


Although we are unable to boast on the scale of our 2 manufacturing plants located in Germany, but, we take pride in our ability to offer our customer with customise and flexible production program. Our team of design and production engineers are train to provide cabling and cost effective solution to customers. Our products are manufacture according to various International Standard and Approving Authorities like IEC, BS, VDE, BASEL, IMMEQUE, UL, CSA etc. Due to the unpredictable timetable during production or construction, our factories always prepared for last minutes productions for urgent delivery to minimise time lost due to shortage of materials.


Our products range cover wide applications across a board range of industries. We keep ample stock catered to the immediate supply with low minimum order quantities and short lead times of needs of our customers in the region. We believed that timely delivery is an important element of the order experience with our company.

Our cables are professionally packed with suitable wrap or drums to prevent any damages during transit. An on-time delivery service is one of the key factor to build a successful business relationship.

Schedule delivery arrangement can ease onsite space and security issue. Our comprehensive stock assists our commitment to immediate, if not, next day delivery. Supply, management and distribution of electrical cables adapting to the needs of various industries. Huge and diverse stock profile. We are also proficient in non-standard and hard to find cables and are not limited to supply standard product range.

We always work towards to the ONE-STOP SOLUTION CENTER for cables in region.


Kabeltec undertakes, on behalf of our customers, evaluation of cable factories and supervision of cable manufacturing to ensure compliance and timely delivery. We offer precise solutions to meet client’s exact requirements and help to increase efficiency with the minimum cost. We are able to arrange special delivery requirement designed to meet project timescales.

In today’s demanding business environment, companies are looking for new method to streamline their operation so as to increase productivity. From our headquarter in Germany to our regional office in Singapore, we reduce our clients to workload by helping their procurement and logistic operation, thus reducing the complexity of their business while increasing efficiency.

We provide storage space in our warehouse so your cables need not to be exposed to them elements before contract work begins. Thefts, losses and damage to cables can be minimized when there is adequate storage space which is a major issue in Singapore.

Quality Control

All products are rigorously tested in our laboratory for compliance to relevant approvals, various international standards and regulatory requirements. We uphold our commitment to product quality and performance and we remain vigilant to all cases of non-compliance raw material and workmanship. The expertise and experience of our inspection team that helm the quality control department provide an assurance and support to our customers.
Independent testing can be conducted by appointed authorities at the cost of customers upon request.