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S05VV5-F U/LCSA Black

Approved control cable


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These control cables are especially suitable for export-orientated machinery, plant and equipment manufactures and combine three approvals HAR, UL and CSA and can therefore be used worldwide. These inexpensive cables make work easy, facilitate economic stocking and thus speeds up the export orders. It is suitable for control equipment on machine tools, conveyor and assembly lines, haulage systems, production lines etc. subjected to medium mechanical stresses, for fixed or flexible installation, where free movement is required without tensile stresses and without forced guidance systems, in dry, damp and wet interiors (including wateroil mixtures).


  • Flexible bare copper conductors according to CEI 20-29 Class 5 and DIN-VDE 0295 K5
  • PVC Insulation compound type TI3 according to CEI 20-11, VDE 0207 and UL 1581 – 105°C
  • Black numbered cores + G.Y.
  • Outer jacket in special PVC TM5 according to CEI 20-11 and VDE 0207 and UL 1581 – 105°C

Technical Data

Conductor Material Copper, bare
Conductor class Class 5 acc. DIN VDE 0295, or IEC 60228
Core insulation PVC TI3
Core identification Black cores with white numerals with or without green/yellow
Stranding Cores twisted in layers
Outer sheath PVC TM5
Sheath colour black
Rated voltage [V] UL/CSA: 600V
Testing voltage [V] 6000
Conductor resistance according to DIN VDE 0295 Cl. 5
Insulation resistance
Current carrying capacity DIN VDE (s. technical guidelines)
Min. bending radius fixed [xd] 4 x d
Min. bending radius moved [xd] 12.5 x d
Working temp fixed min/max [C] -40°C up to +105°C
Working temp moved min/mac [C] -5°C up to +105°C
Temp at conductor max.
Burning behaviour Flame retardant, Test method B according to DIN VDE 0472 part 804, IEC 60332-1, IEC 60332-3C, UL VW1 and CSA FT1
Approvals In derogation to HD 21.13 S1,

According to UL AWM style 21179 and CSA-AWM I A/B II A/B

Oil-resistant according to HD21.1: TM5 and UL 1581 Class 43

The version with black outer sheath is UV and weather resistant according to ISO 4892-3

The cable is conform to Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU CE

856080100 8 x 1 no earth 11.2 7.68 20.24
856080100JZ 8 x 1 with earth 11.2 7.68 20.24
856080150 8 x 1.50 no earth 13.3 11.52 29.02
856080150JZ 8 x 1.50 with earth 13.3 11.52 29.02