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Instrumentation cable with static screen


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Computer cables are employed in process control and data processing systems to ensure optimum data transmission at a mean transmission rate of up to 200 kbits/s. Adjusted twist lengths of pairs ensure enhanced crosstalk attenuation. Low mutual capacitance and attenuation allow extended transmission distances and short pulse times to be realized. The static screen protects the pairs against external electrical interference. Computer cable with reinforced outer sheath can be used for fixed installation in dry and moist rooms, as well as for outdoor and underground installation.


  • Fine strands of bare copper wire 0,5 mm2 = 7 x 0,30 mm / 1,3 mm2 = 7 x 0,49 mm
  • XLPE-insulated cores
  • (Multi-pair vision) static screen of plastic laminated metal foil with multi wire tinned copper tracer strand (7 x 0,30 mm) underneath the metal foil
  • Cores twisted to pairs, pairs twisted in layers with a 0,5 mm² communication core
  • Core colours of pairs: core a: black / core b: white / with number coding: 1/1, 2/2, etc.
  • Outer sheath LSZH reinforced, sheath wall thinness according to VDE 0816, series 1, black or blue
  • Outer sheath: self-extinguishing, flame-retardant

Technical Data:
Conductor Material: Copper, bare
Conductor class: Class 2
Core insulation: XLPE
Core identification: Core A: Black, core B: white;
Triple: core A: white, core white, core B: red, core C:
black, core A and C with numerals
Stranding: Cores twisted to pairs, pairs twisted in layers
Outer sheath: halogen free compound
Sheath colour: Black (RAL 9005) or blue (RAL 5015)
Rated voltage [V]: 300
Testing voltage [V]: Core/core 2000 V
Conductor resistance: 0,5 mm²: max. 36,7 Ω/km;
0,75mm²: max. 25,0 Ω/km;
1,0mm²: max. 18,5 Ω/km;
1,3 mm²: max. 14,3 Ω/km
Insulation resistance: 5 GΩ x km
Current carrying capacity: –
Min. bending radius fixed [xd]: 7,5 x d
Min. bending radius moved [xd]:-
Working temp fixed min/max [C] :-30°C up to +70°C
Working temp moved min/mac [C]: -5°C up to +50°C

12x2x x 0,5 14.9 12.3 26.9